Male Voice Artists

Male VoiceAQ Productions offers a wide selection of professional male voice over artists, each with a unique style and delivery.  Select a voice that best reflects the sound of your business.  A short demo for each male voice artist is below.

We also offer professional international male voice artists from more than 20 countries.  Please contact our sales office if your project requires an international language other than Spanish.

Set the volume of your computer speakers to a comfortable listening level.  Click the PLAY button next to the demo you would like to hear.  Click the STOP button or let the demo cut you are listening to finish playing before selecting another.

You must have the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed on your web browser in order to listen to our demos.  If you are unable to see the Play/Pause/Stop buttons next to each demo cut click here to get the FREE download.

Adult Male Voice Artists:

Name Play
(Direct, Unasuming, Articulate)

(Folksy, Casual, Natural)

(Calming, Inviting, Polished)

(Instructive, Familiar, Instinctive)

(Credible, Strong, Consistent)

(Convincing, Affirmative, Smooth)

(Bold, Confident, Resounding)

(Dignified, Evident, Swift)

Youthful Male Voice Artists:

Name Play
(Spirited, Vigorous, Brisk)

(Energetic, Fresh, Trendy)

Spanish Male Voice Artists:

Name Play
Carlos (Latin Spanish)
(Articulate, Charismatic, Cordial)

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