Make any presentation more polished by utilizing the power of the spoken word.  Narration can be used for any number of applications…from point-of-sale video applications to marketing videos...from audio books to real estate listings…from e-learning modules to PowerPoint presentations...anywhere you need your message to be heard.

Our professional voice artists will add narration to any video presentation, in any language, helping it stand out…command attention…and increase listener retention.

In today’s on-demand world, more and more businesses are utilizing the power of the spoken word to build and expand their brand awareness. Internet webmercials (commercials created for web sites), corporate training videos, conference and trade show videos, video brochures and even long-form promotional videos are among the many avenues your company might use to successfully reach your customer. The cohesive use of video with a professionally produced voice/audio track is a powerful tool to use in marketing your business to your existing and potential clients.

Whether your need for audio narration is for internal use (staff training and development, corporate policies and directives) or for public consumption (employee recruitment, informational/instructional, promotional) AQ Productions will tailor the audio to fit your specific needs and deliver your content in formats appropriate for mixed-use or media specific distribution.

The power of the spoken word...

Video Brochures • Training Programs • e-Learning • Product Launches • Marketing Videos • Sales Presentations
Point-of-Sale Messaging • Trade Show Videos • Audio Books • Automotive Test Drives • Real Estate Listings

...anywhere it can be heard
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