Other Services

Audio Post Production

Audio Post-Production is the process of creating the audio soundtrack for a visual program.  This might include the addition of narration by a professional voice artist, background music, music accents, or sound effects.  AQ Productions will assist you with any or all aspects of audio post-production including:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional voice artist selection and recording (including international languages)
  • Music and sound effects selection

Radio/TV Commercial Audio

Our creative team has years of experience in both radio and TV marketing and production.  This experience gives us a creative edge when it comes to the development and production of high quality commercials designed to motivate an audience.

An advertisement should be unique enough to stand out, while at the same time, inform and entertain.  If you are already working with an advertising agency, have them contact us about using our facility to produce the soundtrack for your commercial. 

Slide Show Audio

You have taken the time to make the slide show presentation for your meeting or trade show look visually appealing, but what about the ear candy?  Give your presentation a professional sound that captivates your audience and keeps their attention.  Professional narration (including international languages), background music, music accents and even the addition of subtle sound effects will enhance your presentation and get your message across, whether it is in the boardroom, at a group meeting or function, or a large-scale trade show presentation.
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